We were grateful for their knowledge, prompt responses….”

Allen and his team helped us sell our land recently, and having them on board was invaluable to us.  They were able to field calls, update us on the views our property was receiving online, and negotiate a better price than was initially offered.  We were able to go on with our busy lives while they saw to it that the process took care of itself.  We were grateful for their knowledge, prompt responses, and courtesy.

Michael & Traci Darby

It was a pleasure to work with Canaan Realty….”

Thank you so much for all the help I received with the land purchase. It was a pleasure to work with Canaan Realty. The process was fast and everything was handled with diligence. Will keep you as a reference for all possible future purchases.

Elvis Francis

Glad we were able to get closed…..”

Thank you!  Glad we were able to get closed without any issues. It was nice working with you guys. All the best safe and happy New Year!!

Ryan Reynolds

I just wanted to thank you….”


Happy New Year! I just wanted to thank you and your team for all the effort making this transaction happen. Samantha and Grace were very helpful, prompt, and very nice to work with.

Best regards to all!

Kurt Bryant

A big Thank You to you and your crew….”


A big thank you to you and your crew Allen. I haven’t been involved in many home sales but this one felt like it presented you with some challenges and you and the crew worked some with us.   I’m sure the crew resolved more challenges behind the scenes without our knowledge.  It certainly helped reduce our stress levels given the number of separate family issues we were working through.

Thanks for the advise on what needed “to go or not”. Particularly getting rid of the upstairs blue room and the downstairs yellow room with the built in desk/office design.  Those where ours for 17 years, not cause we loved them, but because they where a lot it work to redo so we just squinted and lived on.  Once they were done tho it made a big difference and also helped in the decision to remove the ancient built in air conditioner and smaller electric heat strip up in the blue room. They were both eye sores for a new buyer.

Thanks also for Chris Smith and the work he did to resolve the missing abstract, title and survey. I swear I had them and really thought they would reappear some time along the line. So far they still haven’t, but some day maybe.  The oversight by everyone, of the need for a new title slowed things down I think. Seems like nobody saw the “new”  language in the proposal and we had to scramble in the end to get it done.  That may have delayed closing a bit….or not.  I don’t know.

Thanks for Samantha and the difficult “middle man” service she provided throughout the closing process.  She was great, responsive and always upfront with good and bad news. Great that we started communicating via text messages instead of playing telephone tag thru the process. It really, really improved communications, updates and info flow from buyers, your office, and me in Phoenix and Bonnie in Florida.  Keep that up in the future.

This property had a lot of different pieces or sections under one roof.  One thing that may have help Samantha visualize what we were trying to explain would have been a walk thru or two to get a feel for the layout different sections.  We got it done but it may have made her job a bit easier.

At the end of not only the day, but the end of the year and decade (it’s 31 Dec 2019 as I write this) we all got it done.  Thanks again and God bless all the good people at Canaan Realty in the future.

Lary and Bonnie Stuhlmiller

I can not thank you enough…”

Allen, I cannot thank you enough!!! I will definitely be contacting you regarding the sale of this property.

Thanks again for all your help!!!

Yvonne Ligoci

Everything was executed professionally…”

Everything was executed professionally by your organization.

Mission accomplished!!


Craig Pollock

Finally closed, unbelievable!..”

Finally closed.. unbelievable!! Thank you and especially Samantha for all her patience and endurance over the past two and a half years. She is a true professional, responding to numerous phone calls and emails, always following through with updates, friendly, compassionate and throughout…

This whole process took way longer than anyone could have anticipated, but it’s now done.. Thank God!!

Thank you!

Jan Denton

Thank you for assisting…”

Hello Allen,

Thank you for assisting in the sale. I appreciate your diligence.

Kevin Begin

Thank you for your many years….”

Hi Allen,

Thank you for your many years of assistance in selling the property on Horseshoe Island. I am pleased you stuck with me through thick and thin on this endeavor. You truly are determined to succeed and I am pleased to add this property to your list of hard fought wins!

Your team is terrific, pleasant to work with and extremely helpful. I would like to especially thank Grace and Samantha for all of their help over the years and specifically to see this sale through to the end. Well done, ladies! We couldn’t have done it without you.

Allen, I will never forget when you called me the second time on this deal and presented the buyer’s counter offer. I simply replied, “Done”….I’m sure you could not believe your ears, since I have been known to counter until the cows come home. It was time to call it a day and call it a day we did.

Thank you to all and thank you for all you do!

With the kindest regards,

Monique Warmus

Your team did a great job….”

Thanks Allen,

Your team did a great job! In fact, if Scott had not agreed to show the property and get involved as early as he did I probably would have missed out as the property was in high demand. Also, Samantha was very helpful in getting the lawyer to schedule the closing asap.

Thanks again.

Michael Crowell

I appreciate you and your team….”

Hi Allen,

I appreciate you and your team very much and have the utmost respect for you. If and when I need any real estate needs you are the one I would go to.

Kathy Kellish

Thank you Allen….”

Thank you Allen,

It was a pleasure working with you and I hope we can do it again in the future.

Peter Mapstone

I wanted to take a moment to thank you….”

Dear Allen,

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your work to help me sell my land in Granby.  After trying to sell the land for several years, you got it done! It was a pleasure to work with you and your staff.  You all made the process, from listing to closing, easy and painless; quite a feat given that we completed the entire task separated by half a state!

Thank you for your professionalism and kindness.  I’ll be sure to share your name with friends and family in the area, should they be interested in buying or selling.

With much gratitude,

Christine Bernard

I really enjoyed working with Canaan….”

Good Morning Allen,

I really enjoyed working with Canaan. Scott was great to work with, he was always very helpful, and his availability was amazing! Coming from sales, it was great to have someone that wasn’t pushy at all, he was keen to making sure I found what I was looking for. His references for a mortgage and inspectors were great. I ended up using the Tyler Home Inspections as he recommended as well as contacting and using Steve at Syracuse Securities for my mortgage.

Also, Samantha was great to work with. She was always available if I needed anything.

I have already recommended Canaan Realty and Scott to a friend looking for a house and another looking to list.

Thank you, and please let Scott and Samantha know how much I enjoyed working with them.

Christopher Currier

I appreciate your advice…”

Thank you also. I appreciated your advice regarding not getting planning board approval.

Everyone was helpful and kept me informed.

Thank you


Martha Delaney

Everything worked out….”

Allen & Team,

Everything worked out way beyond expectations! Thank you so much!

Patricia Johnson

It was a pleasure having you as my Realtor…

Hi Allen,

It was a pleasure having you as my realtor. You made everything so easy and there was no stress.  Everything was handled professionally and quickly.  I can’t believe how fast you sold my property.

I’m looking forward to work with you again.

Thank You.

Adrianne Giusti

Thank you for your help and patience…

Thank you for your help and patience as we worked through the process of selling the farmland we inherited from our father. You were a pleasure to work with and offered good guidance in terms of pricing and positioning the property for sale.  Your insight was most useful to us, since none of my siblings, nor I, lived in the area.

I particularly want to thank you and your staff for stepping in prior to the closing and working with the attorneys to ensure that everything came together as needed.

Thanks again for your help!

Bruce Apgar

Using Canaan Realty to purchase our property was…

Using Canaan Realty to purchase our property was a very comfortable experience. The process was honest and fair, and we would recommend them to anyone.

Michael Weaver

Thank you for all the work you did…

Thank you, Allen, for all the work you did on this never-ending sale. It certainly was a pleasure working with your team. Samantha was very responsive and friendly.

That was much appreciated.

Rochelle Beagle

Thanks for your expertise and diligence…

Hi Allen,

Thanks for your expertise and diligence in selling our property for CrossRoads. You did a great job, particularly keeping our buyer in place over such a long process of getting the state approval. Your office staff were also a pleasure to work with.

With gratitude.

Mick Keville

Allen, I was pleased with the services and assistance…


I was pleased with the services and assistance you provided me in the purchase of the Mexico, NY property. I would recommend you to others.

Thank you.

Logan Miner

You and the other employees were great…


You and the other employees were great to deal with; always prompt with every bit of information I needed.

Thanks for everything.

Justin Bishop

This wasn’t an easy property to sell…

Thank you so much for getting this sold – This wasn’t an easy property to sell, and you got it done – Congratulations!

Right from the beginning, I knew you were a Pro – with the great pictures you took, the presentation you created, and the online marketing plan you put together. The property got a lot of exposure.

You also kept me well-informed and communicated on a regular basis. It’s obvious that you are well-organized, trustworthy and highly experienced.

All the best.

Denis Kwolek

It was a pleasure to work with you…


Thank you for your help in selling my property.  It was a pleasure to work with you and I greatly appreciated your professionalism, experience and efficiency in handling all aspects of the sale.

Again, much-appreciated and best regards.

Thomas Moen

We are so pleased…

We were so pleased with the service provided by Allen!

Our property transaction was swiftly-handled and the closing was efficient and fast.

Thank you, Allen, for your assistance!

Marilyn & Dave Dominick

I would like to thank you for the advice last year…

Dear Allen,

Marty and I would like to thank you for your advice last year, when we needed input about how to sell our home and land!

Our neighbors from across the road bought it all in one piece, but we wanted to thank you for your advice.

Johnathon & Marty Wright

Thank you so much…


Thank you so much for helping us find the home of our dreams! We really appreciated all of your help!

Take care!

Alexis Sutton & Zach Deforge

Thank you for your diligence…

Thank you for your diligence in responding to my inquiries and sending me listings of homes, and land, per my request and specifications.

I have decided on a property and have come to the end of my search.

Brief as it was, I appreciated the professionalism and promptness I received while communicating with you and your staff.

Sylvie Teng-Warner

You never pressured us to buy any parcel….

Hi Allen,

Thanks very much for all your help in our land search.  When it came to land, we had a very hard time finding a responsive Realtor.

You never pressured us to buy any parcel that you knew wouldn’t be a fit for us, and we appreciated you making yourself available anytime, even if it was an evening or weekend.

We’re happy with what we purchased, and without the benefit of your expertise, our search would have been very difficult (and probably still in progress).

Thanks again!

Traci & Michael

I wanted to take a minute to thank you…

Hi Allen,

I wanted to take a minute to thank you for the nice letter you sent out.

We are all bombarded with emails every day, which makes it impossible to read them all. Don’t know why I opened yours, but I did. I was touched with your generosity of time, something we never have enough, and yet you were willing to give some of yours away to enlighten, and, or, help someone in the past. I did call with a question, and you answered. I was so impressed with your generosity.

Have a great day, Allen.

Judy Viencek
Real Estate Associate Broker - John Arquette Properties

We appreciate your tenacity and willingness…


That had to be the longest transaction you have ever had. We appreciated your tenacity and willingness to advocate for us through such an arduous transaction.

Thank you for everything.

Adam Anderson & Eve DeRosa

Your expertise on generating an effective marketing campaign…


As a fellow Realtor, when my family decided to liquidate several parcels of land, it seemed natural to list the properties with my own firm. However, after carefully considering your reputation as a land specialist, I ultimately decided to list with your company.

Due to family members input beyond my control, the decided asking price for all parcels was clearly “above the norm,” and your assessment was correct that the only possible way to realize the goal was to find that “one buyer who considers it valuable to them.” Granted, sometimes success in real estate involves timing and circumstance, but it was your expertise in generating an effective marketing campaign, and closely following all leads, which found that “one buyer” for each of our properties.

My experience as an agent has been focused on single-family homes, so never could I have imagined accomplishing what you did, and consequently, having your company represent our family was one of my best decisions. In addition to being conscientious, you are one of the most honest and ethical agents I have ever been privileged to work with.

Best wishes in your future endeavors.

Danny D'Agostino
Hefferon Real Estate

If I had to sell farmland, I would use Allen…

If I had to sell farmland, or any property, I would use Allen Olmsted of Canaan Realty exclusively.

He is a man of benevolence, of high caliber, cares about the welfare of his clients, and is trustworthy. Allen is steadfast, and has always championed a positive attitude in our conversations. Because of his years of experience, his advice is cutting edge. Allen is not about pressure. He discusses, presents different avenues for his client to follow, then both parties agreeing on the correct path to follow.

In this world there are three classes: first class, champagne and imperial. Allen Olmsted and Canaan Realty are all three wrapped up into one. Without reservation, and without hesitation, I would use this man in any land selling venture. You would be fortunate to have this man on your side.

Canaan Realty’s office staff is congenial.  You will enjoy speaking with Grace.



Sending thanks to the entire team…

Sending thanks to Allen, Grace and the entire Canaan Team. I was very happy with my recent land sale and appreciate all your hard work.

Thanks again.

Emily Wormuth

It was a pleasure…

It was a pleasure working with you guys.

Thank you for making the process less painful. 🙂

Sean O'Keefe

Thank you for all the work you did…

Thank you for all of the work you did to find just the right property for me.

Every time I go there I like it more. You were very professional, and patient as we looked at several pieces. I will not hesitate to refer anyone looking for land to you.


Roger Burdick

You did a lot of research…

Several months ago, you did a lot of research for my wife and me when we were on the verge of buying some land. When we realized that our son would best benefit from a house in an established development, our plans changed.

I wanted to thank you for the help you provided to us. Your service was outstanding; far above the vast majorityof your colleagues in the real estate profession.

I am a woodworker by hobby and thought you would enjoy a custom pen. I made this one myself, from a wood called Bocote. I hope you will use it for many years in good health and success.

With sincerity and warm regards.

Adam Stewart

Wanted to give you some type of formal thank you letter for all your efforts…

We wanted to give you some type of formal “Thank You” letter for all your efforts over more than a year and a half to properly market, and help connect a seller and a buyer, to pass on the properties known as “Skyridge.”

Your help and consideration with all the family members’ questions and concerns regarding the course of marketing, and the sale process, was truly appreciated by everyone. (You and I, and a lot of others, know there was so much involved with this particular property).

Also thanks to Grace, for her efforts. We appreciated someone as the office support person to answer phones, questions and everything else at the appropriate time.

Allen, you really have many talents that make you great in this line of work.

We’ll keep in touch, obviously.

Thank you.


The Tuttle Family

Wish to extend our deepest appreciation for the outstanding job…

Mark and I wish to extend our deepest appreciation for the outstanding job that you and your company did in handling the sale of our land on Belle Isle Road in Camillus.

You, Allen, and your entire office have treated Mark and I in a sensitive, professional and extremely capable manner. We are amazed and most grateful for the exceptional way that you successfully brokered the sale of the land.

Kudos to you and your staff! Syracuse and surrounding area are indeed fortunate to have a sales broker of your caliber to turn to.

Please know that we will spread your name far and wide in our travels. And should the need arise in our future to sell real estate, you are the man we want on board.



Mark Bieganowski
A carpet Tech