Hi Allen, Thank you for your many years of assistance in selling the property on Horseshoe Island. I am pleased you stuck with me through thick and thin on this endeavor. You truly are determined to succeed and I am pleased to add this property to your list of hard fought wins! Your team is terrific, pleasant to work with and extremely helpful. I would like to especially thank Grace and Samantha for all of their help over the years and specifically to see this sale through to the end. Well done, ladies! We couldn’t have done it without you. Allen, I will never forget when you called me the second time on this deal and presented the buyer’s counter offer. I simply replied, “Done”….I’m sure you could not believe your ears, since I have been known to counter until the cows come home. It was time to call it a day and call it a day we did. Thank you to all and thank you for all you do! With the kindest regards.