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Thanks for stopping by! We are excited about the monthly Mystery Photo contest and hope you will participate!


How it works

Each month we will share a photo we’ve snapped recently from an area in N.Y. We will post clues about it’s location each week on Facebook and Instagram (if you miss them don’t worry, you can get them on our website too!)

Then – Guess the location! We will give the first person to guess the location by May 31st, 2017 (or the closest location to the actual location) a $100  gift!

To register your guess- send us an email at [email protected] sale. Its that easy!


You can view the contest rules here:


May Photo contest

FIRST CLUE- This is a listing we recently shared a virtual tour to and includes a pond. (To view virtual tours check out and view the featured properties) SECOND CLUE- This property is located near a park founded by Dorothy and Robert Riester. The park became an official venue 1991 and is one of the first parks of its kind to be established in the United States.     THIRD CLUE- NEW  – This listing is in Madison County

April- CONGRATS TO OUR WINNER Bonnie From Oneida who correctly guessed this photo was from the Canastota NY area.





Mystery Photo Contest- March CONGRATS TO OUR WINNER, JOSH FROM CANASTOTA who correctly guessed Nassau Lake

Clue 1: This spot & additional acreage was purchased from Stephen Van Rensselaer by a settler in 1792

Clue 2: This body of water was once named Hoag’s Pond
















February Winner: Eric of Jamesville correctly guessed Skaneateles Lake!