Allen Olmsted represented us as our realtor for the sale of property in NY State.  From the very beginning he provided expert advice and guidance, was available to us continuously and demonstrated excellent negotiating skills on our behalf.”

-Gail Levinson (June 2022)

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In mid-to-late February of this year, a potential seller contacted our office after receiving one of our postcards.

The Levinsons had previously been in contact with another realty office, trying to get information on selling over 125 acres in Wurtsboro, NY, a historic and early-American settlement area, where some of the oldest roads in America were built. With such a desirable area –within 1.5 hours of the George Washington Bridge– and a large amount of acreage, they knew the potential to sell was there.

As is often the case with land and large-acreage properties, Mrs. Levinson wanted to speak with someone with trusted knowledge. Enter Allen Olmsted, our Real Estate Broker and Owner at Canaan Realty.

Our tenured Listing Coordinator and resident in the greater area of that property, Grace Roberts, immediately began working with both Allen and Mrs. Levinson on evaluating the property.

Due to the large size of the land and its unique configuration in both Wurtsboro and Mamakating, with various tax parcels making up the whole offering, it took someone very comfortable with knowing how to market the entire site. To maximize exposure, also smaller sections as well.

For all of us at Canaan Realty, this is just business as usual. For more than 30 years, this is exactly what Allen has done. You’d need only spend a short conversation with Allen to realize the depth of knowledge available even at the surface, regarding land sales in New York State.

Mrs. Levinson’s 126 +/- acres was officially listed on March 1, 2022 and sold/closed on June 27, 2022. That’s less than 120 days between listing and closing, a property with a tremendous amount of use options: single-family residential, apartments, senior housing, office, warehouse, light manufacturing and more.

So when Samantha Leader, our in-house Administrative Manager and former Closing Coordinator, says that Allen “had to understand the different zoning uses that were allowed,” she knows exactly the intricacies involved in addressing Mrs. Levinson’s particular property.

When it came to negotiating the deal with buyers and buyers’ agents, Allen was able to give them an informed opinion on what can be done on the property and make sure it worked for what they intended to do. The property had multiple buyers interested and two potential offers on the table. Allen was able to review both offers in detail and make sure the sellers got the maximum value and best overall offer for their property.

The sale of the Levinson property in Wurtsboro was a smooth and relatively fluid transaction right from the start. Properties often have their own unique considerations, and buyers bring even more with each inquiry.

The successful negotiation and closing of this deal also spurred interest from another nearby seller, and included nearly 500 acres, which is currently available, in Mamakating, NY.

L15 Route 209, Mamakating, NY 12790 - $2,495,000

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It’s always nice to hear that a client was satisfied with the services we provide at Canaan Realty. To the Levinsons, we’re so happy to have been a part of the changing of hands in such a historic property, and can only wish the best to the new owners and the potential of that land going forward.

To anyone interested in buying or selling any type of land or rural property in New York, we’re happy to help.

You can trust that here at Canaan Realty, we are “The Land Experts,” and we’d love to be a part in the story of your land.